160109 Crayon Pop at Phoenix Park

Crayon Pop was at Phoenix Park, a ski resort today. They performed ‘FM’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Uh-ee’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

Source: 용팝웨이짱

  • bobgirlsfan

    Pure dedication. Performing on a snowy night in the mountains. Hwaiting Crayon Pop

  • Firefall

    I was going to make a rant, but I’ll just keep it to myself. The girls performed great, but I didn’t enjoy watching them suffer like that. Chrome Ent, please if you’re going to allow the girls to perform in an open stage in winter, come up with a winter version of their costumes so that they’re not freezing to death.

  • yoba eto ty

    Cruel ceo, your poor girls are shaking from cold, the fck you doing? And what if they’ll cath a cold and feel bad then, It seems you don’t think about them anymore, arrrgh, very sad

    • h4iumb1

      I don´t think that the CEO is responsible for the costumes the girls wear on stage…

      • yoba eto ty

        U think they chose them by threirselves? 2nd time to perform on cold open air, I think noone wants to do it and put up such wear
        If not their managers who is then?

        • h4iumb1

          The CEO is not their manager, you are mixing things up. And yes I think that they chose them by themselves, because Crayon Pop does not have managers who tell them what to do and the girls have to accept this without resistance. Of course it was cold but in Korean Entertainment it is not unusual to perform in the winter without adequat clothing and then quickly get back in the warm and put on a coat. Even high profile idols do that all the time. That doesn´t mean that the agency is treating them bad even though it does look like it to us.

          • Firefall

            If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck than it is a duck. But I agree that it is an industry problem and there are no simple solutions that can be applied to every group there is. However, as fans, if we do not like how the performers are treated, I feel we should speak up and not just accept the excuse of “oh this is just how the system works”. This will probably not change the industry, but at least we let those responsible for what/who we care about know that is not acceptable. Just my 2 cents.

          • CP Hwaiting

            Costumes are handled/prepared by the staff.. I don’t think the staff was aware of the open stage.. otherwise they would have picked tracksuit based costume which is slightly better than the frock

        • Firefall

          If the event organizers, the performers mangers, and the MCs are required to take off their coats and hats and gloves and becomes equally exposed to the elements as the performers, then they will think about all the things that they can do.

      • Firefall

        Maybe, maybe not. Really doesn’t matter. If he is not hopping mad and screaming at the person(s) responsible, than he is just as guilty. Even from a totally business point of view, Crayon Pop is his most valuable investment. If he doesn’t look after his own investment, who will? If it was the girls’ decision to dress like that, than he should give the girls hell. If a winter version of the costume is too much to ask, than how about letting/making them wear knit hats or ear muffs. We know they have those. How about mittens from the Lonely Christmas? If that is too cumbersome, than how about the white gloves from BBB? At least then they don’t have to hold on to the mic with their bare hands. How about wearing the other FM costume? Than at least less skin is exposed to the elements. I am not saying the company cannot take on gigs like this, but their CEO needs to tell them that it is OK to take measures to protect themselves.

        Sorry for ranting. My anger is not directed towards you.

  • GBuster

    So much anger in this thread lol. Just enjoy the girls’ performance. Not the first time they performed in the cold.

  • ezeqiel

    they are a real pro.. it’s make me happy to watch their performance, but at the same time i feel sad to watch them suffering from the cold.. especially ellin.. i hope their comeback will be a huge success.. let’s fight together with the girls..

  • DancingQueen

    I miss Dancing Queen and Bing Bing dance. -_- Their outfits fit the weather more.

  • ian chan

    Chill, it is a job.

    • Brandon Lim

      I would like to think there was a miscommunication to Chrome and the girls, less professional performers will choose not to perform. I m sure countless people had walked away from a job if the conditions are anything less than ideal. So it must be more than just a job to them if they can keep their smiles on throughout.

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♫ ♪ ♥‼

  • WMoksg

    They’d never let anything stopped them and i guess nothing will. This is Crayon Pop, their famed ” hardness” of will, dedication and professionalism, they’ll always have my support. But having said that, my heart bleeds for they’re still just made of flesh and blood. Whatever the case, still fans would be grateful and feeling assured when we could see that their comfort and well-being are better taken care of. It surely can be improved.

  • ian chan

    and seem like they snowboard the next day.

    this gag wasn’t that bad as it seem


  • rotocrash

    What?!? No SoYul video focus? 🤔

  • CP Ranger

    I remember seeing a video of Crayon Pop performing in the rain where the event organisers were considerate enough to set up a tent over the stage. However, after a couple songs Crayon Pop asked for the tent to be removed so that the audience could see them better. Of course, Elgu ended up slipping a couple times on the wet stage.

    Seeing Crayon Pop freezing during this performance stage reminded me of that video. It also reminded me of their guerrilla days in the cold and their behind-the-scenes filming for ‘FM’ with the wild wind and dust. They are badass, tough as nails individuals with a hell of a lot of grit and determination who are going to perform, no matter what.

    Knowing all that, I too would have liked to have seen them wear something a little warmer. Concerned fans had kept mentioning that they should wear seatbelts in their instagram photos and they eventually did.

    Anyways, additional kudos to the Crayon Pop fans and Pop-jusshi who were there to cheer them on.

    Beautiful snowy setting, beautiful performance by Crayon Pop and a beautiful crowd cheering them on. 🙂

    • ezeqiel

      “I remember seeing a video of Crayon Pop performing in the rain where the event organisers were considerate enough to set up a tent over the stage. However, after a couple songs Crayon Pop asked for the tent to be removed so that the audience could see them better. Of course, Elgu ended up slipping a couple times on the wet stage.” do you have the link of that video bro? i want to watch it..^^

      • WMoksg
        • ezeqiel

          thank you..^^

        • CP Ranger

          Yes, that’s the one! Thank you. 🙂
          This performance showed me that they are going to do whatever it takes to entertain their audience. We may be concerned for their well being at times, but they made the choice to be entertainers and will see it to the end.

    • WMoksg

      Good point about fan’s reminder to put on seatbelt , wise thing to do for they did had quite a nasty but thanked god major injuries free road accident not too long ago…. some care and nagging helps.:)

  • Mygiwi

    Why not to use the “FM tracksuits” and technical underwears for the winter performances ? And winter caps or ear muffs like at the guerrilla’s time ?