160103 Crayon Pop Reportedly Preparing for Domestic Comeback

Girl group Crayon Pop is reportedly preparing to make a comeback within the first half of the year.

Industry insiders say that Crayon Pop is currently working on a new album. The overall theme of the comeback has apparently already been set, and they are now choosing the songs. It looks like fans can look forward to a new Korean release from Crayon Pop within the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, it has been around ten months since the girls last promoted in Korea with “FM.” They have since made a successful Japanese debut by dropping two singles, followed by local fan meetings and other promotions.

What kind of concept would you like to see Crayon Pop go for next?

Via: Soompi
Source: Naver

  • Noor Ahmed

    awesome news
    cant wait

  • GBuster

    So close, yet so far away.

  • CP Hwaiting

    Yo Come on!!

  • Gabe Santiago

    🤗 ✌️ 🎤 🎶 ♥! 새해에 계속 성공 & 행복! 나는 당신의 모든 하나의 사랑!

  • NeonMoon

    It would be hilarious, seeing the girls doing a spoof of the typical Kpop sauve, sexy and skin tight outfit as they sashe down the catwalk…Ellin leads then all of the sudden she trips on very high silletto, then the other girls crash into her…hahaha..follow by a screeeeeching braking sound…REWIND!!!!…it’s only Way’s dream…now starts Crayon Pop new comeback…as the girls jokingly say..” I dun’t know”…who knows???– maybe a very outlandish “PSY” like theme..

  • Jessica Guzmán

    Good news, I just hope they don’t go for the sexy concept.

    • NeonMoon

      Why not? CP’s own brand of fun n sexy (sexy doesn’t just tits n asses..typical generalization)..our girls have blossomed into very attractive ladies…let’s move forward…and hope for a smashing 2016 for CP

      • Jessica Guzmán

        If they do it as a parody I don’t have problem, I just don’t want them to be like the rest of the girl groups. I don’t really like kpop, PSY and Crayon Pop are the only ones I follow

    • CP Ranger

      It’s funny how people forget that Crayon Pop have been doing their brand of sexy since Dancing Queen. 😉

      • Jessica Guzmán

        I’m not talking about that kind of sexy.

      • robertrickett

        In an interview just before their Uh-ee comeback, Soyul said,”Explicit sex is not all their is to sexiness” and Way said, “We have a sexy code”. They’ve always had a cute mix, without looking like erotic dancers. What ever they do I’m sure they will do it Crayon Pop style.

    • Firefall

      I know what you mean and I don’t want to see that overt, unimaginative, cliché concept too. However, I don’t think we really need to worry about that though. If their ceo didn’t forced them to strip to save himself from bankruptcy back in 2012/2013, I’ll highly doubt he would do that now.

      • whynot747100

        agreed, Stellar went sexy with “Marionette” which was sexified and it was a hit with the horny fanboys, they followed that with “Fool” an nice fun ballad type song with no sexiness and it flopped, pretty much ignored. Read their own interview, they had a debate with their own company because they wanted them to dance in thongs for their next comeback “Vibrato”. They ended up agreeing to wear the outfits they wore, which was not much better then thongs, but again the horny fanboys ate it up and it was a hit.
        I am glad CEO Hwang respects the Ladies to let them have a say and not exploit them sexually for the sake of a few dollars. CP fanbase is loyal and we like their cute style, I am glad the have stuck to it, even if it costs them a few spots on the charts because the horny fanboys won’t support it. We real fans support CP for their talent, uniqueness and beauty, not because the dress and move like strippers, there are enough girl groups that do that already.
        Like Soyul said, you can be sexy without being sexified and exploited…Crayon Pop fighting

  • robertrickett

    Crayon Pop is known for their quirky original concepts. One of the greatest compliments they commonly receive is, “Crayon Pop is not your average Kpop group”. The thing they do better than any other group is to be Crayon Pop. The rookie girl groups are getting a lot of attention this year, but no one is doing a style similar to Crayon Pop’s. I’m hoping the girls will stay true themselves and do a fun Crayon Pop styled concept. No one does it better.

    • tyger11

      I would love to see them interact with the ladies of Twice.

    • Your words, my words. Crayon Pop is unique.

  • IINexus ShineII

    Yeah , 2016 Come Back!

  • CP Ranger

    Hmm… Crayon Pop have a ‘pirate’ them for their Japanese album, so it would make sense to complete the meme and have them come back as ‘ninjas’ for their Korean album. Pirates (One Piece Pirate style) vs Ninjas (Urban Ninja Thug style)!

  • Brandon Lim

    when when when…

  • A domestic comeback from Crayon Pop mean “comeback to my arms” 😀 ~Dreaming~

  • festusrjh

    A comeback sounds great. I hope they keep their off-beat concept, that’s what makes me love them and of course SoYul.

  • whynot747100

    Crayon Pop, despite what other fanbase thinks is doing OK for themselves…Sony backs them in Korea, Pony Canyon backs them in Japan, and they have a smaller but very loyal following in both countries. They have done commercials, Musicals, Web Dramas and T.V show soundtracks. They are constantly being requested for shows and have won several community and government recognition awards for their positive portrayal of Korea. They are also one of the more internationally recognized KPOP groups out there despite what other fanbases say.

    • h4iumb1

      well said 👍

    • ezeqiel

      well said.. other fanbase don’t know what they’re talking about.. ^^

    • DancingQueen

      Noone care about that, just enjoy their music and happiness. If u care, u may become one of them.

  • Terry Townsend

    crayon pop has that cute girl next door sexiness that says it all and they dont have to be half naked to show it.or shake everything they own or ever will own to prove they are women

  • apieth

    I want another ‘itaewon freedom’ things
    They makes me laugh so hard

  • robertrickett

    I’ve enjoyed some of the rookie groups this year, they are extremely talented. They do what they do better than before, but they’re doing the same thing that’s been done before, over again. Please Crayon Pop, comeback quickly. “Save me – Save me” from the curse of redundancy that’s holding our Kpop artists hostage. Unleash your superhero powers on Kpop’s FM monster who is perfecting repetition. Take up your pirates swords and steal our hearts again, with something sincere, something unexpected, fresh, and original. It’s a job for the tracksuit task force and Crayon Pop will prevail.

  • Noor Ahmed

    i really want them to make fairy concept
    gummi water fairy
    soyul light fairy
    way animal fairy
    choa flower fairy
    ellin wind fairy