151229 Choa’s Instagram Translated

#Bowling Can anyone teach me..

Source: Instagram

  • h4iumb1

    You don´t have to be good at bowling to have fun 😆

  • Firefall

    I knew it came from Choagram, but I really thought it was Way before I read her comment lol

  • Noor Ahmed


  • kumochisonan

    She’s cracked, I am hopelessly in love 🙂

  • IINexus ShineII

    Ahh choa yaa

  • CP Hwaiting

    m sure ellin taught these moves to her .. soyul & way saying “Torung ” ha ha ha ..

  • s

    Choa, keep your thumb pointed towards your target.

  • WMoksg

    If the target is the heart, she strikes every time, lol.

  • Gabe Santiago

    ♥ * ^ ^ /*