151226 Geummi’s message on Geumlidang Cafe Translated

Geummi posted on her personal fancafe, Geumlidang a message titled “Thank you??”

Our Geumlidang fans ^^ How have you been?
It’s really been getting colder recently

This Christmas I got to see a lucky moon, snow, even received our fans’ gifts >_<* I think I will have a warm winter ??

I wore the padding given to me yesterday and stepped outside; it is really warm! Our fans have really thought of everything ☃?? Even the shoes’ sizes are just right
The Iron Man is daebak? Did you make it yourself? I’m amazed! I opened just last night but I have found it to be really pretty 😊

Every festive occasion, I will always receive great gifts from our Geumlidang, and for that I am sincerely grateful. On the other hand, I also feel apologeticㅜㅜ
Since our promotions in Korea this time were done rather briskly, I feel like we should reward our fans who have waited quietly all this while.

This year too, thank you for always being by our side like this, I really appreciate the great strength you all have become for me??
For next year, I wish that everyone will have a year filled with laughter and we will see each other more frequently^^ Let us have an awesome end to the year 2015. Have a great weekend!

Source: Geumlidang fancafe