151225 Way’s Instagram Translated

Merry Christmas! Although it was cold, thank you so much for cheering with your loud voices 😄😁

Source: Instagram

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    In the USA, we have something called the “empty nest syndrome”, where the kids leave for college or careers, moving far from home and starting their own families… This year of very little CPTV, gradual attrition at Chrome, shifting focus to the tightly-controlled Japanese market…gives me some empty nest feelings too, if that’s not too ridiculous to say. Our daughters seem so far away now…

    • whatevs

      This is so true. It’s hard to be super excited about them when there’s so little online fan interaction. Here’s hoping they reverse this trend next year 🙂

  • Terry Townsend

    a verry merry christmas to you way and your family