151222 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

The video I uploaded was immediately noticed..deleted quickly
Everyone have a nice dinner.

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Daughter Mom
Hul Mom’s cute expression.. #Mom #Garosu-gil #ActingCute

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Date with Mom💕

#Garosu-gil #LikeIt #Mom

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  • CP Hwaiting

    is this one of her jokes or it is really her mom?? that’s unbelievable..

  • Brandon Lim

    Her mom looks the same age?!

  • so

    thats why ellin grow up so beautiful and kind!!!!that genes!!

  • Crayonatic

    hey mom… thank you for El-Gu. hehe

  • Terry Townsend

    you look like sisters your mom is very attractive i can see where your beauty comes from

  • DancingQueen

    Is she Ellin’s stepmother ? It’s so enviable that Asians always look so young.

    • GBuster

      We’re not complaining.

  • iced

    i love this look on ellin. natural makeup w/o bangs. her aura is more mature <3