151218 Crayon Pop at Incheon Airport

Crayon Pop left for Harbin, China in the morning from Incheon airport. They were in China for the Cass Year End Party in Harbin. They would return to Korea tomorrow.

Source: 전바이러스

  • Crayonatic

    ahhh… Way… Way… huge rain coat and a mask and I am still getting butterflies in my stomach from that eye smile.
    the power of my booboo Way.

  • ezeqiel

    way…. why are you so cute!!! XD

    • ian chan

      Way Is Real

  • rotocrash

    Smiling Princess ChoA 😎

    • DancingQueen

      I think she is Way.

      • Genki

        Way is the twin in white. Remember. Way has bangs now and Choa doesn’t.

  • IINexus ShineII

    nice smiling mark

  • robertrickett

    it’s amazing how even in all that gear Way’s eye smile gives her away. It could only be Way.

  • CP Hwaiting

    geummi is classy!