151211 Crayon Pop’s MixChannel Updated

Catch the trio from Crayon Pop, Geummi, Ellin and Soyul perform ‘Dancing All Night’!

  • rotocrash

    We know she is SoYul. Not Princess Choa.

  • Brandon Lim

    I bet Geummi can win some dance competitions.

  • Terry Townsend

    good to see dancing all night 472k hits on you tube thankyou ladies of crayon pop its good to see good music climbing,keep ,fighting

  • CP Hwaiting

    another poll.. this time in US.. CP is in second place.. http://popcrush.com/k-pop-christmas-songs-best-poll/

    • ezeqiel

      i voted for crayon pop.. ^^

    • ezeqiel

      they are in the 1st place now!!! ^^

    • migiwy

      Empty your browser cookies well after each vote. With Chrome (it’s logical 😉) I found that the Lonely Chrismas meter increased by 0.4% after each vote by clearing cookies and reloading the page. The meter did not change by returning to the pool or just by refreshing the page. LC was 48% and I voted until the counter reaches 51.2%.

      • migiwy

        progression was 0.04 % (not 0.4!)

      • CP Hwaiting

        cool.. popcrush is a pretty decent site. if they win here, its good publicity for CP

    • Nacho Bidnith

      I just voted and so far, Lonely Christmas is killing the competition at 64.48%! Let’s go, sketchbooks and popjhussi’s.