151206 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

I’ve never seen a cat sit like that.. #Cat

Source: Instagram

  • whatevs

    that cat is fucking creepy xD

    • Mygiwi

      I agree. If I see this cat when I open the door of an elevator… I go away 😨😼 I imagine it tells me ” what’s your level, guy ?”.

      • ezeqiel

        LOL… hahahaha…

  • Natic Aliev

    I know an acid trip when I see one. that cat is tripping. lmao

  • numetal_militia

    So Ellin likes making weird friends… there’s hope for me 😛

  • so

    cat reminds me ellin?!!!xaxa

  • Gabe Santiago

    I know what that cat was probably saying, an hour ago: “건배!” I know, I’ve been there! LOL ♥