151204 Crayon Pop at 50 Years of Korea-Japan diplomatic relations

Crayon Pop was at the 50 years of Korea-Japan diplomatic relations at Gimpo Airport. With the relations established in 1965, there was an increase in air routes between the two countries. This cultural exchange is to further improve the air travel between the two countries. Crayon Pop received the commendation as a Gimpo-Haneda air-route PR ambassador. They also performed “Bar Bar Bar” at the event.


  • Nacho Bidnith

    Ellin forgot her helmet, silly girl.

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♫ 🇰🇷 ♥ 🇯🇵

  • Terry Townsend

    beautiful job ladies

  • whynot747100

    Again, they are not tearing up the vote rigged music shows, but are being approached by numerous groups for recognition awards and to be acting ambassodors for various distinguished events and that speaks volumes for this group of amazing ladies

  • Firefall

    I think their ceo is especially excited about this commendation because now they can get a discount on air fare to and from Japan lol. Well played, sir, well played. 🙂