151026 Soyul’s bnt Interview

Crayon Pop’s Soyul participated in a pictorial shoot and interview with bnt.

[Park Sion reporting] I think among the public, among idols, it is definitely only Crayon Pop who is unpredictable, having various and unique concepts, not a pure or sexy girl group commonly seen in Korea. Soyul was particularly noticeable for her cute appearance among Crayon Pop (which) consists of 5 members.

Unlike her boisterous looking image, her voice and behavior were calm and feminine. She was initially tense for her first solo pictorial, but after starting, she concentrated on shooting with various expressions and poses.

This pictorial was done with 3 concepts. In the first concept, she appealed to her feminine charm with an ivory colored knitwear and beige colored long skirt. In the next concept, she expressed a black look with a suede one-piece befitting the autumn.

In the last concept, she initiated a reversal chic charm styling different from her usual self, with gray rider jacket, denim pants and greenish charcoal colored t-shirts.

We heard it was your first solo pictorial shoot.
Yes. As a group, Crayon Pop could not present all sorts of concept but today it was fun to challenge various concepts that are more in line with my personality.

Is there any concept which you like the most?
The last concept. I have never shot with a rider jacket and I thought my face did not match with the chic concept but it was matched quite well so I was surprised. (laugh)

Can you tell me what you have been doing recently.
These days I’ve been preparing for the Japanese album. We are due to release a single album in Japan. It’s a more vibrant song than the first single album song. The dance is also easier for Japanese fans. Music video filming will be done in Korea though. I’m going through busy days. And I’m going to school as well. I’m majoring in acting so I’m taking lessons.

It seems there are many after school pictures in your SNS.
I really like taking pictures. Of course I also do SNS to communicate with fans(laughs). I can’t go to school frequently. It is not that I’m not busy since I haven’t released an album in Korea. Recently I’m busy preparing for the new album and these days it’s a festival season so I do many performances.

You debuted differently from other idols, through a cosmetics CF.
Yes. I filmed it with Lee Ha Nee sunbae-nim and Yoon Jin Seo sunbae-nim. It was really long ago so I cannot remember it clearly but I was casted by chance. My first CF.

Was it during your Crayon Pop trainee period?
No. 2 years after that first CF shoot, Crayon Pop started training. I practiced for around 1 year before our debut. Originally, I dreamed of becoming an actress. From young, I wanted to act so much but because my parents were against it, I couldn’t. After that, my direction changed and I decided to become a singer, dancing and singing songs I like.

Then did you originally major acting?
Originally I majored in art. My parents wanted me to major in art. My mother is a teacher in an academy too. I wanted to do both but I gave up art and prepared to become a singer. I started training since I was 17. And I debuted at the age of 21 so I trained for about 5 years.

5 years of training seems tough.
I was distressed mentally from wanting to debut. I wanted to become a singer quickly but waiting for an unclear future was tiring and distressing. Learning dancing was also tough. I learned slowly from the basics, I was totally knocked out from tiredness at home.

Is there another role in Crayon Pop besides being a maknae?
Cuteness(laughs). Many people and fans consider me a cute girl with bangs. Actually I am in charge of vocals and dancing but I’m just suited as the role for cuteness(laughs).

Don’t the unnies force you do errands because you are the makane?
Never(laugh). Although I’m a maknae, I have a mature side. Our team would ask, but never force me to do errands. In fact, we haven’t gone through tough times together since young, we met after we were all grown up. Maybe that’s why we don’t have a sense of heavy seniority. Since we respect each other, there is no leader or hierarchy. We do by oneself.

You seem different from other idols who have been through tough times together since young.
I think it would be different if we met during school days but we met after experiencing social life, so we were determined to do our own self-management and businesses individually. We openly discussed on the day we first met. I know very well about seniority because I have gone through a trainee life in a group since young. However, I feel more easy about our teams’s mood.

Besides the current Crayon Pop concept, there must be a concept you want to challenge?
Girl’s Day sunbae-nim’s “Something”. The concept, song is totally my type. I was so surprised when I first saw “Something”‘s stage. Because it was so pretty (laughs). I really like that long one-piece dress. I want to try doing it once.

Way and Choa have challenged musicals. Are there any plans on challenging acting or musicals?
In fact, I have received a proposal of a musical. It was the role of Yoo Miri in the musical “Love Comes with the Rain” that Way-unnie appeared in, but I rejected it because I couldn’t imagine myself on stage with that character. I did not have enough confidence as well. I wanted to do it later if I got a chance. And I really want to do acting.

What genres would you like to challenge?
Romantic comedy. Recently I fell in love with “She Was Pretty”. I desire having Hwang Jungeum-sunbae-nim’s role. Or the quiet “Summer Scent”‘s Ms. Son Yejin pure and innocent role is something I want to try. I think being active and bouncy is well fitting to my image (character), but my voice is unexpectedly low. One day, I will able to do so, right?

Is there a musician you would like to work with?
I am a huge fan of Lim Chang Jung sunbae-nim. When I was young, I kept noticing Lim Chang Jung’s name scribbled on the main entrance of our house. That writing is still there (laughs). My wish is to do a collaboration with him sometime. I really like it when sunbae-nim sings and his emotions can be felt.

Are there differences between activities in Japan and activities in Korea?
It’s more busy in Japan. Because there are also schedules in Korea, we do tighter schdules over 1 or 2 weeks. So it feels more busy. We do performance mainly in Japan but in Korea, we do mainly music broadcasts so it’s different. We can communicate more in Japan.

How did you get to join Lady Gaga’s America tour?
Lady Gaga contacted us when Bar Bar Bar became a issue. Originally they asked us if we can join for 3 months but we were determined to do only for a month because leaving Korea that too long time was burdensome. At first, we couldn’t believe it.

Is there any memorable episode with Lady Gaga?
She knew it was our last performance and suggested for us to do something together for last song. I still can’t forget that moment. I was so honored and it felt like a dream. Still fresh in my memory, I will probably not forget that moment till later.

What kind of person is the real Soyul?
It seems many people consider me to be an aegyo-person and play like a kid. But it isn’t true (laughs). I’m a bit obsessed with cleanliness, and am good at self-management. I often hear the members saying I manage myself well. Things don’t get lost too (laughs).

Which celebrities are you close with?
I have a few same age friends who are idols. I’m close with Stella’s Gayoung, Dalshabet’s Jiyul, Hello Venus’ Nara. I became close to them through the music shows. I’m also close with cheerleader Giryang. We got close through the broadcast, ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’.

From whom do you get broadcast advice?
I’m close with Super Junior’s Kangin-oppa and Leeteuk-oppa. I get advice mostly from oppas. And I learn mostly indvidual talents from Leeteuk-oppa (laughs) I go to Leeteuk after saying “Sunbae-nim, please teach me” (laughs) I have already used several things I learned on broadcast.

Is there an ideal type?
I like smart people. Also like sweet and warm people. Fitting perfectly would be Lee Seungi-sunbae-nim.

Last love
It was 4 years ago. We broke up after I debuted for Crayon Pop. It was cute love to come to think of it now. He was a non-celebrity friend, and we met for about 1 year. I met him when I was a trainee and broke up after debut. We naturally became estranged since I was busy. Now that I think about it, it is difficult to call him my first love. I haven’t felt first love yet. I really want to feel it, when would I feel it?

Soyul’s own skin care is?
I go to a dermatology clinic. I try to do it at least once every two weeks. I purposely find time. In fact, having good skin is difficult if I don’t go to a dermatology clinic or I won’t have good skin naturally. I think like that. When I can’t go to a dermatology clinic, I remove makeup instantly and put moisturizing cream whenever my skin gets dry. I use many pharmaceutical cosmetics. I try to use mild cosmetics.

Soyul’s own fashion style?
I like long pieces unconditionally. One-piece, long coat, long skirt with loafers or sneakers. Even though I’m on the shorter end of the scale, it’s not a must for me to wear heels; I don’t feel like I need to look tall. I prefer the comfortable and natural style.

Are there any activities planned for Korea this year
For this year, it will be tough meeting everybody in Korea. Currently, we are focusing on activities in Japan. Maybe I’ll meet fans through musicals and acting, we will be able to meet next year in Korea.

What future goals does Soyul have?
I hope to challenge legitimate acting within the next one and a half years. Also I would like to have future solo albums.

Source: bntNews