151016 Ellin’s bnt Interview

Crayon Pop’s Ellin participated in a pictorial shoot and interview with bnt. Some snippets of the interview.

Q. I’ve heard that it was your first pictorial shooting, how was it?
It was awkward. I was under pressure that I had to do it by myself instead of having 5 members and to try new concepts with different feeling from previous Crayon Pop ones. I’m worried of my concept because my appearance is crankier (stronger) than other members but today’s shooting was amusing.

Q. Then, with what sort of mind did you debut with
Being able to debut in itself was a happy occasion. I had some fantasy about idols and I had no doubts about being able to go on TV. Whenever I watched TV, I see all these celebrities and thought I could become popular soon but actually that was not the case. People were also cold-hearted (cynical).

Q. I think there were memorable fans.
We are really familiar with fans. The fans have been with us from the early hard times, I remember each and everyone of their faces. Particularly memorable ones are when some fans got the same clothes and wore it together with us, because they were worried for us being embarrassed due to our unusual clothes. And once we had to be at a performance but we were in a traffic jam and to make matters worse, even the time of the performance was moved forward, but there were some fans who stood in for our rehearsal. Was amazing and thankful.

Q. Relationships.
I like people and am easygoing yet I don’t have a boyfriend (laughs). Also I would prefer not to date a celebrity.

Q. Why was ‘Uh-ee’ done in a trot genre.
‘Uh-ee’ was initially not a title song. It was a hurriedly-made song in one day. There were some issues for trot, and I guess our CEO saw trot songs in music programs on TV, so he decided to promote more Korean traditional music. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we did what we were previously supposed to do (laughs)

Q. You laugh a lot. You must be happy.
I am happy. I take pride in Crayon Pop and so do the rest. However, the popularity we have gained will not stay with us forever. Now that I am going through this, I think that I should always be positive and happy.

Q. Ellin’s goals and determination.
As previously mentioned, in the coming year I would want to present to everyone many different facets of myself. One of my goals is to be like the bubbly character Hwang Jungeum played in the drama “She Was Pretty”. Moving forward, in order to grow to be a group always looked for by the public and to bring smiles to everyone, Crayon Pop will have to be acknowledged publicly.

Source: bntNews