151011 Geummi and Soyul to be on “Xi Shi”

Geummi and Soyul were seen filming for Chinese beauty program “Xi Shi”. “Xi Shi” is a beauty program designed and produced by ‘Taobao’s Korean team. ‘Taobao Marketplace’ is one of China’s largest online retailers. The program is named after one of the renowned “Four Beauties” of ancient China and the first episode will air soon. Idols that are slated to appear in the series also include former Girls’ Generation member, Jessica. This episode featuring Geummi and Soyul was filmed in Myeongdong on 11 October 2015 and will be aired at a much later date.


In other news, be sure to also look out for their tennis pictorial shoot for global Korean culture magazine, kwave!

Source: Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3, Weibo