151011 Crayon Pop’s KWAVE Filming

On 11 Oct 2015, Crayon Pop participated in a KWAVE pictorial shoot with a tennis concept for the November issue. Lee Zhunyong who took the videos commented that Crayon Pop’s personalities were great. Check out the snippets below.

Source: MeiPai 1, MeiPai 2, MeiPai 3, Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3, Weibo

  • rotocrash

    👍 SoYul hair style 😻

  • ezeqiel

    soyul should use that hair style for their next comeback!! ^^

    • Noor Ahmed

      yeah agree with you

  • so

    ellin my cute bae!!!

  • omg! i cant wait anymore!!! * — *

  • Terry Townsend

    they all have great personalities because they are such nice ladies

  • robertrickett

    So excited!!

  • Brandon Lim


  • GBuster

    Honestly, it would be hard to concentrate playing against any one of them on the tennis court.

  • Genji Kurokami

    I want to play tennis

  • Brandon Lim

    Way is always casually sauntering behind haha