150903 Way’s bnt Interview

Crayon Pop’s Way participated in a pictorial shoot with bnt where she said it was her first time doing a solo shoot for Crayon Pop.

Q. Not long ago you were involved in an accident. I was shocked.
A. We were headed to Seosan for an event. Not 10 minutes after entering the expressway, we got into an accident. Traveling in the bus lane, a bus rear-ended us. At that moment, I thought our car was going to fall under the bridge. We were very shocked but fortunately, the members and I had fastened our seat-belts and none of us were very hurt. After that, we saw that the car was very badly damaged and felt that we were very lucky. Within 10 minutes after the accident occurred while 119 was there, we gathered our senses.

When asked about her debut, she said, “I found out about our current company through a high school sunbae, and as we were planning to debut as an indie band, I recommended Choa-unnie instead. After our indie band activities ended, the company contacted us again to join and we debuted. Standing on stage together with [Choa] unnie is fate. Unnie is someone who can monitor me, and I can lean on in my life.”

She also talked about her ideal type, who is none other than Rain! Way said, “After seeing Rain sunbae, I dreamed of becoming a singer and gained courage. He constantly puts in the effort, so he’s not lacking in dance, singing, or acting and has risen to the top spot, and I aspire to be like him.”

She also shares her love for food and doesn’t let her weight stress her too much. An interesting point is there will be a Japanese single released in November.

Source: bnt News