150902 Crayon Pop Food Safety with Daejeon Police

Crayon Pop did a shout out for Daejeon Police department to promote food safety.

Food safety, let’s protect it together~
#CrayonPop with Daejeon Police
OguOgu so pretty~
Thank you Crayon Pop for joining us in protecting food safety ^^
Want to report unsanitary food? 112·1399

Source: Daejeon Police Facebook

  • Lucky korean fans! t.t
    (edit -> thank you very much for the summary CPMS♥)

  • apieth

    Can’t even going inside wayland (╥╯﹏╰╥)

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Way has gotten 2255 won for the “Let Me Know” copyright to date.
    Ouch! $2 USD.
    Every Crayon Pop member except Ellin has a driving license
    Well considering Elgu’s skills on the “smart balance wheel,” maybe that’s a good thing. :-p

    • Taylor Simon

      It might depend on the label, but according to this, Way as the songwriter received 9 cents for every iTunes download of Let Me Know. How much from albums or from Korean music sites, I don’t know. http://www.leessangclown.com/2014/11/gary-is-one-of-highest-music-royalty.html#

      • It also takes months for the royalties to be accumulated/calculated before the proceeds are sent to the composer.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          In the USA you get quarterly payments from ASCAP/BMI or HFA, but yeah, it typically takes nine months before the royalties even start to trickle in. @Taylor Simon – in the USA the “statutory minimum” for both downloads and hard copies is 9.1 cents USD per unit, if she were with ASCAP they’d take 11.3% off the top for administrative fees and she’d clear about 8 cents/per, before tax. I imagine the Korean rates and services are similar.