150831 Geummi’s bnt Interview

Recently, Korean girl group, Crayon Pop’s member, Geummi shot a pictorial series for bntnews. With her fresh and cool look, the short-hair-ed idol never loses her sexiness, while emitting a mature vibe.

Here are snippets of the interview (only interesting new Q&As are translated)

Q. What is difference between filming with the members and filming alone?
A. When filming with the members, there are a lot of concepts to do with Crayon Pop’s bright and cute image. When filming alone, I can show off various concepts apart from Crayon Pop’s colors: feminine, sexy and dreamlike concepts. So even though it is awkward, I am satisfied because I can do other concepts.

Q. How did the name ‘Geummi’ come about?
A. I was called ‘Geummi’ by my family since young. It was given by the temple; they said more blessings will be received the more the name ‘Geummi’ was called. Since it is an uncommon name, it seemed like a good idea for a stage name. When I spoke to our CEO about using the name as my stage name, he readily agreed. That’s how Crayon Pop’s Geummi came to be.

Q. I heard that you had to take care of your father who was sick and work hard for your dreams of becoming a singer at the same time. Wasn’t it hard?
A. I was 22 years old when my father was admitted into the hospital. At that time, I was working at a skincare center and preparing for auditions. Out of nowhere, my father collapsed and I went to care for him.
It was a stroke. My father could not recognize me and had difficulty moving; I stayed by his side 24/7 taking care of him. It was a tough and painful time but having gone through this, I think I have grown. Now that he has regained his health, I feel proud and satisfied with what I have done (laughs).

Q. How did you feel when Crayon Pop’s popularity soared after “Bar Bar Bar”.
A. Honestly at the time, I wasn’t able to directly feel the popularity that much. It’s because a lot of the time was spent busily traveling in the car to our next schedule. So when we heard stories from people around us, our friends and family, and saw cover videos on YouTube, we were fascinated and surprised by the public’s interest and love towards us.

Q. There must have been big and small conflicts which arose since Crayon Pop is a group of girls.
A. I will speak honestly about the parts where we are uncomfortable with each other. When there are differing opinions, we went along with the majority. When something is to be divided then we either give way or decide using Rock Paper Scissors. When taking the car, we either take turns choosing the seats to sit on or just sit in whichever seat comfortably. Since we are considerate towards each other, there aren’t any big issues.

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