150820 Crayon Pop hospitalized and discharged in car accident

Crayon Pop got into an accident when a bus hit their vehicle in the rear while heading to Choongnam Susan for a performance schedule today at approximately 6.10pm KST. The girls were not seriously injured though all five of them were hospitalized for observation. According to various news reports, they suffered scratches and bruises. The back of the Carnival van they were traveling in was dented as a result of the collision.

Update: For tomorrow’s (22 August 2015) CNM Good Concert schedule, Crayon Pop will be attending as per normal.

Update: Scene of the accident (SBS News, YTN)

Update: Manager Suh Sangpil is fine too, and tells fans not to worry

Update: After diagnosis, there were no symptoms of injuries, so everyone has been dischargedfrom the hospital

An accident happened when a bus collided with the vehicle Crayon Pop was riding. According to Seoul Seocho 119, a bus crashed into the rear of the carnival van. From this accident, the 5 Crayon Pop members and driver suffered minor injuries and were hospitalized.

More updates as we get more information.

Source: Yonghap News