150802 Crayon Pop 3rd Anniversary Fanmeet

Although Crayon Pop’s 3rd year anniversary was 19 July 2015, over 100 fans from Korea and around the world managed to belatedly celebrate the occasion with Crayon Pop at Seoul Samsung-dong’s Bear Hall. After celebrating with a custom made ‘FM’ themed cake, a compiled fan video from fans all around the world, followed by an anniversary fanvideo was aired. A lucky draw for Crayon Pop’s Japanese CDs and posters, followed by a Q&A was held. The members answered candidly, while fans responded to some of their answers wittily.

Signed group cups were given as door gifts, while individual member cups were sold at the venue.

The girls said, “We feel like it was just yesterday that we watched the video that fans made for our 2nd anniversary, and it’s already been 3 years. We’re so thankful that you prepared such a precious time. We’ll work together to be with our fans for 5, 10, and 30 years. We love you.”

Source: 내반금