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My pictures of the sky, end❤️

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The sky is great☁️

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  • Uncle Fan

    I must have missed something. Why is this trash being posted anywhere?

  • vericon

    Why is a negative article being posted on our own fansite?

    • CP Ranger

      Hmm… well, it is somewhat Crayon Pop related news. My blood did boil a bit reading all that negativity and blind hate aimed towards a group of girls that only want to entertain and bring some fun and happiness to people’s lives.

      But, I realised it also put things in a wider perspective. It’s easy for us fans visiting CrayonPop.me to believe that everyone sees how wonderful the girls are. This reminder of the challenge and hostile environment that Crayon Pop still has to go through makes me want to support them even more.

      So, let’s head on over to that Netizen Buzz article to show our appreciation and support for both Crayon Pop and EXID! Rally the troops!

      ElGuuuuu… gogogogo!!!

    • We don’t intend to hide or censor news articles. Besides being up to date with the news, it serves as a good archive. In the future when we look back, we can see what sort of atmosphere they are experiencing.

      • adg127

        Personally, I like to see how well crayon pop is doing, and how they are perceived by the public in general rather than fans all the time, so I’m grateful that there are posts like these, even if the results aren’t always what we wanted to hear.

      • Way Home

        I agree, after all, the duty is get news good or bad, we cant be ever agree or not, when look out behind, in the past we can see where we comes.

  • GBuster

    The level of ignorance from the netizens is hilarious. But then again this is from NB so nothing new.

  • NeonMoon

    It’s good to be the underdog..that’s the strength of CP..mentally tough, focused and guerilla fighters…more pressure on EXID even though they have STiger to produce their music…so why did CP engaged STiger when they know where his biases are??? Both will shine because they target different niches in Kpop fandom…so what’s the spread? how many points are EXID giving??? I will take the dogs to win…

  • numetal_militia

    So why do we need to read this? Hell I try to stay away from that ugly netizen world because of all the judgement and hate and you start posting this kind of stuff?

  • PopjusshiG

    It’s sad that pimple faced, cheetos eating,prepubescent teens(that wouldn’t know real talent if it bit em in the ass) make the pop world go round. It’s as old as the genre itself.

    • NeonMoon

      Ha,Ha,Ha…lol…that’s hilarious!

  • h4iumb1

    Crayon Pop is not your typical K-pop group. The way they behave, the way they look, their songs, their dances – everything is different to the standard girlgroup-image. And this uniqueness is the source of hate for small-minded netizens and at the same time the reason why we follow them and why we wish them success. EXID had released some nice songs, but only rose to fame after a fan-video was put online showing Hani thrusting her hips and shaking her butt to “Up & down”. I don´t want that for Crayon Pop.

  • BunnyMECH

    Usually negativity comes from fear. These people are afraid that Crayon Pop could come back with a successful new song and album so they make negative comments to try an preempt any potential success with negativity.

    We all know that Crayon Pop have released numerous catchy songs (other than Bar Bar Bar) and that they have the potential to release not only one great new song but also a great album and those people making negative comments are afraid of that.

  • Way Home

    Some ppl will eat his words when Crayon Pop Comeback will be a sucess.

  • robertrickett

    I was a pre-teen when the Beatles exploded on the scene in the U.S., I remember almost all the critics saying: “they are not musicians; they look like girls; they’re only famous because they have a gimmick, and they’re just a flash in the pan”. Ha!! the critic above is not even original!! I also remember Elvis’s 1st appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. According to critics he was just a fade that would soon be forgotten. So it appears that Crayon Pop is in good company. Today, everyone remembers Elvis and The Beatles, but it’s the critics who were “just a flash in the pan” and soon forgotten.

    • PopjusshiG

      Social media brings a different dynamic to popularity compared to back in the day. Back then it seemed more of a generational thing. This seems more like a turf war of my group/company is better than yours. It’s pretty easy to be a hater these days also.

  • fm

    CP. me mods keeping us honest. I’ve developed tough skin by being a Crayon Pop fan. Mindless haters don’t offend me anymore.

  • apieth

    If Crayon Pop read this, i hope they can use this as motivation like they always did.
    All this time, everything they do already beyond the expectation which makes people says “Wow~”

    Hatters sometimes usefull..
    To fire their passion

    I’ve became very mature since became Crayon Pop fans lol
    Crayon Pop Hwaiting!

  • Lekshey Dorji

    i dont know, personally i thought Up and Down was a bad song. it sounded like it was 5 different songs put together with an erotic dance to get people to watch it. that being said, i dont know if CP can garner another song like “Bar bar bar’ to keep their flame burning. lets hope they do tho. i like that they are different from other bands.
    Crayon Pop Fighting!!