150712 Crayon Pop’s Twins’ (Choa&Way) Birthday!

It will be our favorite twins’ birthday shortly in Korea (1 hour). Join us in congratulating them with fans around the world with hashtags #HappyBirthdaytoCHOA2015 #HappyBirthdaytoWAY2015 on both Twitter and Instagram!

How to participate

  1. Pick your favorite Twins, Way or Choa pic (Some pictures here and here)
  2. Add a birthday message to it in English or Korean such as 생일 축하해요 (Happy Birthday), 허민진(Heo Min Jin), 초아 (ChoA), 허민선 (Heo Min Seon), 웨이 (Way), 쌍둥이 (twins), 딸기우유 (Strawberry Milk)
  3. Leave messages like
    “[Short message]
    [Image link]
    @crayonpop @baysunny @huhmj #HappyBirthdaytoCHOA2015 #HappyBirthdaytoWAY2015
  4. Start leaving messages once the clock strikes midnight in Korea!