150703 Soyul’s message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Soyul left a message on Crayon Pop’s fancafe titled “Hi♥”

hi~* i’m soyul
Are you doing well?^^*
It’s been a while?ㅎㅎ I missed you so I came to play^-^
Because you are around our cafe is doing well! I’m here^^!
You all must be sad because you haven’t seen our performances lately right?ㅠㅠ I also want to see them^^
I want to give you enjoyment and happiness through TV but I’m sorry ^^…
In order to give more next time, I’ll put in more effort now^^
Our single album is coming out in Japan soon^^ It will be good if it does well^^
I’ll always work hard. And! Recently the weather has been really nice^^ I always exercise in summer^^
That’s why now I spend my time on schedules, exercising hard, reading and appreciating movies^^ Of course, on music and acting practice too ^^ !
I’ll put in more effort so you can meet Soyuri more often^^ I also want to receive more strength because of all your support!! eu-shya eu-shya
It would be great if you all be careful of the heat, be careful of catching a cold, watch your health and eat well^^
Soyuri is always worried about our fans.
To the cute dongsaeng fans who are younger than me, the fans who are the same age as me, the reliable unnie, oppa fans, the warm aunt, uncle fans,
I never forget and always think of all of you^^
You’ll like me even until I become an ahjumma right? I love our fans ♥

Source: Daum Fancafe