150618 Geummi’s Birthday!

It will be Geummi’s birthday shortly in Korea. Join us in congratulating her with fans around the world with hashtags #HappyBirthdaytoGEUMMI2015 on both Twitter and Instagram!
As Geummi is currently on set filming for her drama, “28 Faces Of The Moon”, make sure to cheer her on too! A cake from us will be sent to Chrome Entertainment tomorrow afternoon, where the staff will pass it to her.

How to participate

  1. Pick your favorite Geummi pic (Some pictures here)
  2. Add a birthday message to it in English or Korean such as 생일 축하해요 (Happy Birthday), 백보람 (Baek Boram), 금미 (Geummi), 천연비타민 (Natural Vitamin), 6인실 (6 Persons Room), 28개의달 (28 Faces of The Moon), 드라마 (Drama), 화이팅 (Fighting), 대박 (Daebak)
  3. Tweet or post a message on Instagram
    “[Short message]
    [Image link]
    @crayonpop @g.mi #HappyBirthdaytoGEUMMI2015
  4. Start tweeting once the clock strikes midnight in Korea!