150615 Crayon Pop Twins Musical Showdown

The helmet wearing members, Choa and Way of the “Straight 5 engine cylinder dance” may be rookies in musicals, but they have met with success.

The twin sisters, Choa and Way have a sticky chemistry, and are currently in a musical showdown.

Choa, who was born 1 minute before her sister, has been performing for 2 months at her musical as the last princess of Korea and her daughter. Younger sister Way plays a messenger role who reconciles two brothers in “Love Comes With The Rain”

The two of them are currently working on their musicals at the same time. But instead of any confrontation or competition, they give strength to each other. (It has reached the) extent where they have memorized each other’s lines.

Choa said, “Stuff like psychological stress can cause great harm. Because I experienced a bit of it first, I probably gained a lot of courage from that endeavor.”

When together they tend to quarrel a lot, but that also deepens their relations. Both musical works also have the theme of ‘family’, which gives them the opportunity to realize the importance of each other.

Way said, “There was a line ‘Under the sky, we four siblings’ in SABITA. That is just a normal line but I was so startled that I teared up.”

The sisters dream to be universal entertainers, while Crayon Pop will be debuting in Japan next month, which they will participate in actively.

Source: Yonhap News TV