150607 Way’s Message on Wayland Cafe Translated

Way posted on the WAYLAND cafe titled ‘Yallu Yallu Everyone it’s Way!!!!!’

Everyone hi hi!!!
It’s been a while!!
So sorry for letting it be such a long while ㅠ_ㅠ
I like the change to the SABITA poster!!
As expected our Wayland is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha firstly I’m sorry for writing this late ㅠ_ㅠ
Our outfits weren’t supposed to be made public until after the performance…..
Yesterday the dduk that Wayland gave out, the pretty dduk cake, bellflower pear juice, apple juice etc. I have received it well!!! The actors/staff also like it very much♥
I’m so proud of our fans~~~~~~!!!!
On the other hand, I worry that somebody may overwork ㅠ.ㅠ
With this mindset, I’ll put more effort into rehearsals!!!

Also 6 June’s first musical performance is over!!
Even though I am still lacking after many ups and downs during the preparation for the musical, I am satisfied and thankful that the exciting first performance finished without incident!
Furthermore I can’t express how much I appreciate our fans for being with us!!!!
Our Wayland really love you lots!!!!! ♡

From now till the end of August I’ll both be “Love Comes With the Rain”‘s Yoo Miri and Crayon Pop’s Way, and be the diligent Huh Minsun in my activities! Thank you !!!!!

Confirmation picture shot Oryuoooong♥

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