150606 Way’s First Musical Performance

Crayon Pop’s Way will have her first performance as “Yoo Miri” for musical ‘Love Comes With the Rain’ (SABITA), and Crayon Pop fans were there to support her together with sending support in the form of food from the official fancafe, Sketchbook. Also wreath banners were sent, but as with Crayon Pop and their fans, there is always a twist. Fans dressed in wreath banners lined the entrance. On the banners wrote puns such as “Flowers are pretty, are we pretty? More maniac than flowers”, “To Miri, are you ready to fall in love”, “Why (Way) is Miri so pretty?”, “My Love is alive and jumping in the rain”. They will also get to walk in at the opening, where all the musical actors will witness them in all their glory. Choa was also spotted attending the musical to support her younger twin sister.

The twin sisters said they are excited by the opportunity to display their individual charms in separate musicals.

“Choa and Way have taken acting and singing lessons for a long time,” their agency, Chrome Entertainment said in a press release. “All the members of Crayon Pop hope to expand their careers into various fields, rather than focusing solely on singing.”

Picture Credits: CornOppa, Chosun Ilbo