150531 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

Today’s weather is clear. #Soyul #View completely my #Style #Song … Also very..ㅠ #lively. On #repeat

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  • numetal_militia

    Wa! Finally! Ellin on a variety show! This looks so good 🙂

  • apieth

    Ellin, narsha, hani, nicole, boom, leeteuk, heo gyeonghwan..
    Must watch..
    I’ll gain muscle on my stomach (laughing so hard) hahahaha

  • h4iumb1

    Isn´t this like a dating-show? I hope she does well. Sometimes i think she´s to honest for this kind of variety. I don´t want her to be hurt by other idols fandom…

    • Taylor Simon

      Here is a clip from the original show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjvXmgL-Rjk

      • h4iumb1

        Thanks. It looks a little bit like the All The K-Pop-episodes Ellin, Hani and Kyungri appeared in. According to Wikipedia two of these episodes were the two most-viewed Korean videos (not counting music videos and music shows) on YouTube in 2013, so I guess the producers want to replicate this kind of success with the same personnel, including MC Boom.

      • apieth

        Omg, what will ellin do tomorrow?
        Ah i know.. ElGu

    • CP Ranger

      Don’t worry too much about Ellin. She already showed them all during that press conference that she’s the BOSS. 😀


      • h4iumb1

        Crayon Pop girls are mentally strong, I know. But Ellin caught flak when she grabbed that Vixx-dude on All The K-Pop because delusional fangirls shipped him with a member from another girlgroup (don´t remember her name). When I read these rude comments, I wanted to frontkick some of them. 😉


        • so

          omg me too!!!!but that was before crayon pop hit it big..now that my baby girl has a lot to support her!!!nobody can touch her!!!!

  • so

    yes my ellin its gonna slay them again!!!!

  • NineDaysQueen

    Ellin, Leeteuk, Kyungri, Narsha, and Hyejeong
    Oh my god
    I’m going to die of a heart attack

  • PopjusshiG

    Narsha looks great with longer hair, she usually has it so short. Ellin looks soooo skinny. El-Gu FIGHTING!!!!!

  • nikki

    I am confused because match made in heaven returned an it has two of the same host as soulmate but it has a diffrent cast like shinee’s taemin, cross gene’ takuya, royal pirates james, henry, moon hee jun and hyun woo
    secrets jun hyosung ,exid junghwa , brown eyed girls’s narsha andfujii mina and the backgound or set looks the same so can someone please help me because i am really confused

  • nikki

    never mind sorry i understand the names I put are the first round sorry

  • NeonMoon

    Elgu looks so petite lining up with other girls…but guarantsss she can flip all of them…lol