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Soyul’s successful partner on “Soulmate Returns”, UFC fighter Kim Donghyun managed to win his latest UFC 187 match against veteran Josh Burkman, earning congratulations from Soyul.

Yulmorning💕#Sunday#Morning#Soyul #UFC Donghyun-oppa congratulations^^! Thumbs Up

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Me~~~rong ㅎㅎㅎ RaRiRuRe✌️#Soyul Jjing ❤️

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  • :3

    • CP Ranger

      This singular emoticon reaction of yours to almost every post makes me laugh. 😀

      • Yes, I use this emoticon when I have no words to describe how cute are these Korean girls.
        The emoticon “:3” is ‘snout of a kitten’. I feel that way when I see Crayon Pop girls, is inevitable for me. KEKEKEKEKE

  • Your eyes! ♥

  • numetal_militia

    College definitely suits her. She looks so happy :3

  • Berzerius

    Broken link in the first line