150517 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

The tea lesson which calms my busy heart day after day ☕️Doing a mission together with friends^-^*It’s fun Heh #SungShinWomen’sUniversity #DepartmentOfActingForVisualMedia #SungshinPeople #Culture #MyTea #Gulp #Thankful #OurSchool #Best

Source: Instagram

  • adg127

    Anyone know where a subbed version might eventually be released?

    • Drash

      Wishing for the same here. 🙁

    • No one is currently planning to sub it. CPMS might sub Episode 5, and episode 4 at a later date depending on the situation.

  • PopjusshiG

    I know which couple will be the funniest!

  • Amo

    Thanks so much for posting I’ve been looking for the clips for ages. The cut is brilliant. I am so happy to see Ellin really confident now a days, she is so brave and daring especially in a confronting forum. I’m also extremely happy because they are treating her well on the show. Unlike ‘All the Kpop’ (besides the clip of one of the girls pushing her). I love her taste too. She deserves the funny guy who has fallen for the Hidden Card. Looking forward to more when it’s out 🙂 Go! Elgu! Go!

  • so

    my ellin haha!!!she is the best!!!she rock it!!!and she got the best pair!!!!he is funny like ellin!!!cant wait for the eng!!!subs!!plz guys sub the episodes if you can!!!:)

  • how many Ep. This ( Soulmate ) ???