150504 Crayon Pop to release “Sup?”

Girl group Crayon Pop announced a release of a collaborative song with JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit” Robin Deiana.

At noon today, they will release a digital single “Sup?” on various music sites.

Crayon Pop had previously disclosed a chat session dialogue in the middle of the night, stimulating curiosity and provoking some speculation. Robin will be featuring in the song ‘What are you doing’ as the lonesome hero.


The lyrics remind people of the excitement of early dating between couples along with the youthful pop melodies from Crayon Pop.

It is written by Hwang Sung Jin, who was responsible for Kim Soo Hyun’s “Moon Embracing the Sun” OST track, “The One and Only You.” Composer Kim Chang Rak also partook in the track, and is known to have composed MC THE MAX’s “One Day”.

In particular, Robin is expected to show off his versatile charm by revealing his rapping skills.

Source: OSEN