150501 Crayon Pop to release new single on 4 May

Update (1 May 2015): A second single will be released by Crayon Pop on 4 May 2015. Please stay tuned for more. The composer and lyricist is Hwang Sungjin from Rainbow Bridge World. Robin Deiana is expected to be part of the project too.

Source: Instagram

A Kakaotalk chat in a chatroom, “Crayon Pop and me” between all 5 members and a mysterious guy, probably Robin Deiana from Abnormal Summit.


Guy: What are you all doing?
Ellin: Slept really late. Had too many thoughts…
Way: Absent-mindedly eating…while watching TV…
Geummi: Won the lottery!!!!!!
Soyul: On the way to meet you~
Choa: What are you doing now?

“Exciting night.. What are our fans doing now?? You are curious about the conversation right? Then look forward to 4th May~!” http://t.co/qeL1lWpy4b

Source: Twitter