150501 Crayon Pop at Buan Masil Festival

Crayon Pop was at the Buan Masil Festival today. They performed ‘FM’, ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Uh-ee’.

The Buan Masil Festival introduces visitors to ‘Masil,’ a tradition of Buan that encompasses the beauty of the mountains, fields, and sea. The term ‘Masil’ also expresses the generous and affectionate nature of the people of Buan, which is evidenced by the festival’s program of events that share the beauty of Buan’s rich culture, tradition, and natural environment.

**’Masil’ is a word in provincial dialect that means ‘Maeul’ (or ‘town’). The word originated in Buan, but quickly spread across the nation and is now widely used as a verb. The verb form of Masil (‘Masil-gada’) means to visit neighbors to communicate, share, and have fun after a long, hard day. At the Buan Masil Festival, visitors will get a deeper sense of ‘Masil’ and the genuine warmth of the Buan people.

Source: Visit Korea