150427 Crayon Pop on ‘Yaman TV’

Girl group Crayon Pop appeared on ‘Yaman TV’.

Unaired cut:

Crayon Pop and Dalshabet joined the 15th episode of cable channel, Mnet’s ‘Yaman TV’ as guests.


The limitless individual talents Crayon Pop and Dalshabet have kept hidden for all this time revealed and pitted against each other. One revealed for the first time story that stood out was Crayon Pop’s regretful story about clubbing. They commented about it whimsically, wittily boasting about their charms, thereafter heating up the mood in the studio.

Crayon Pop’s member Geummi who was a hair specialist prior to debut gave an estimate for MC Mino’s hair loss. Way mimicked singer Lena Park and achieved a synchronized score of 99%.

The surprising individual skills of Crayon Pop can seen by tuning in to “Yaman TV” at 18:00pm KST, 27 April 2015.

Unfortunately they lost overall due to bad luck, and had to take a picture with the MVP of the show, Subin.


In an official Mnet poll for which video was the best of Yaman TV episode 15, Geummi’s beatboxing was voted the best, with Way’s cover of Lena Park taking 2nd place.


Source: Naver News