150426 Choa’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Choa left a message on the official Daum cafe titled “Buing Boing♥”

I met our fans at today’s Inkigayo, Last Princess ♡♡♡
But for today’s Inkigayo, owing to the change in time to 3:40pm, it caused some overlap,, So the moment Inkigayo ended, I went straight for the Last Princess performance and finished it safely! Today was a worrisome day, I couldn’t sleep well last night.
Lucky and thankful that I got through the whole day without falling sick ㅠㅠ… heu-ang
Do you understand what I uploaded on Instagram a few days ago? Only by losing something will you realise how precious it is.. I think it is a very painful logic. This speaks to me. Don’t forget. Remember. I will not forget our fans’ love and dearly, preciously .. treasure it ^^
Everyone, your Sunday night ended well right?
Everyone – Goodnight^^*I love you!!!♡ Photos I took after the performance today!!!!

Source: Daum fancafe