150423 Crayon Pop Interview with K-Entertainment Express

Crayon Pop’s interview with K-Entertainment Express will be out soon. The editor has released a few pictures of the Crayon Pop interview.

Yesterday I intervieweed #CrayonPop,
They are touching,
They are angels♡

Our video director said his daughter liked Crayon Pop,
and they remembered those words,
After the interview, they told the video director,
Director~ Let’s have a group picture。

During the recording, they were supportive of one another, and listened to each others’ words,
I made them do all sorts of poses, singing, aegyo, etc.
All sorts of missions,
And they did all of them seriously, which touched me.

I want to carry on supporting our Crayon Pop♡

The helmets Crayon Pop signed will fly on an airplane to China.,
Selected netizens will receive the helmet.

The interview video will appear on Star Web and WeiXin’s “K-Entertainment Express” in a few days.。

Source: Wei Xin Yi Du, Naver Blog