150421 Spoilers for KBS MV Bank Stardust Translated


Hello, this is Chrome Entertainment’s PR!!

It’s been almost a month since Crayon Pop came back with new song ‘FM’ after 1 year. It’s like rain after a long spell of drought. Crayon Pop’s members have been working hard on their activities and delighted to see the fans.

Actually our fans you have to wait a while!! In a while!! Soon you will know about Crayon Pop?!

So I secretly joined in with the Crayon Pop interview!! (If you wanna know follow~me~~)


So!! Crayon Pop members are here! (Nice to meet you!!)

KBS2 MV Bank interview happened at the Chrome Entertainment office. Everyone was full of smiles during the interview process.


Today the ever refreshing and bubbly Ellin!

Smiles that can’t be matched~ Hot

The PD asked to take pictures of the Rolling Vulcan lying in a corner of the rehearsal studio, our friendly YongPop immediately picked it up and posed with it^^
(Actually it is hard to hold the Vulcan but it totally does not show on their faces right? Definitely professionals~!!!)


SoGeum (Soyul+Geummi) line’s interview
The concept for the new song ‘FM’ mainly came from Geummi and Soyul.

After Soyul showed off her twin pigtails in public, she received much attention.
Geummi’s hair is well-liked by overseas fans!

In the car overseas, many Americans saw Geummi’s hairstyle and really~ liked it..!
(At the airport an ajumoni came up to me and said: Anyway, I Like Your Hair!!)

Thank you
(Baek Geummi)

Next is question time with the members
What question did the members received ??


Way selected the question “In ‘FM’, what does ‘C6H12O6′ mean?”
How would Way answer?

Those curious can find out on 23 April~!!
Meanwhile, recording continues..

Blank Ellin
Ellin! No spacing out!

What question did Geummi receive which made her burst out in laughter?
Soyul by her side flustered. What is the question?

The question that Geummi got was ‘What is the ideal date with your boyfriend?’

To begin with, the members who received individual questions all wondered why they weren’t the ones to get Geummi’s question and all through Geummi’s reply, they jealously stared at Geummi. hehe

So what kind of questions did the members get?


Is there a dating ban for Crayon Pop??!!!!

That troubled-looking pout of Geummi’s and Ellin’s idle scratching of her head, what does it mean??!!!

Be sure to tune in on 23 April at 00:35 at KBS2’s MV Bank~~!

Source: Crayon Pop Blog