150415 Way’s Instagram Translated

#CrayonPop #ThousandDays #1000days #Geummi #Way #Soyul #Choa #Ellin Hand position Ha Did everyone see the picture??? Thank you for taking the picture for us♡ #mydaily

Source: Instagram

  • h4iumb1

    Looking gorgeous!

    So their “new” concept looks like their old concept: tracksuits in pink, blue, red, yellow and orange? Love it already! 🙂
    Also, what´s up with this:


    • numetal_militia

      Power rangers concept?

    • Lucas Chin

      OMG.. Hahaha.. People going to start to comment and criticize again.. But nothing will stop them cause they are CRAYON POP !!

    • whatevs

      Seriously. That looks like the most epic thing ever!

    • CP Ranger

      A combination of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon? Either way, explosions = goooooood!

      • NeonMoon

        Elgu as Sailor Moon…

        • Hey, look at this: Ellin & Amber… like Michiru (S. Neptune) & Haruka (S. Uranus)? No no no noooooooooo Elguuuuuuuuu! T_T

    • Crayonboy

      That looks amazing!

  • Taylor Simon

    It seems Shinsadong Tiger did manage to make a song that conformed to Crayon Pop’s style. That was one of my worries.

  • NeonMoon

    after the colorful power blast intro….the girls will transform into their favorite color suit as power avengers fighting Godzilla that’s invading Seoul…do some KingKong wrestling and beat up the monsters with their new unexpected funky and catchy dance choreography…hahaha..funny slapstick..

  • :3