150414 Crayon Pop’s 1000 days since debut

Crayon Pop debuted on 19 July 2012, and today, 14 April 2015 marks the 1000th day since debut. In Korea, such round numbers are often celebrated, so be sure to congratulate Crayon Pop on a very wonderful 1000 days since debut. The Twitter hashtag that the fandom has been using is #HAPPY1000DAYSwithCRAYONPOP, #CRAYONPOP1000days so remember to tweet them with the following format.

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@crayonpop #HAPPY1000DAYSwithCRAYONPOP #CRAYONPOP1000days

Example Korean text are 데뷔 (debut), 1000일 (1000 days), 축하합니다 (congratulations).