150414 Crayon Pop on SBS MTV ‘The Show’

SBS MTV The Show

At ~20:00 KST, SBS MTV will air its weekly music television program ‘The Show: All About K-pop’ (The Show).  Crayon Pop will be following up last week‘s performance with their third consecutive performance on ‘The Show’ of their current single ‘FM‘.

The Show’s charting system takes into account the following: Digital Sales + Album Sales + SNS votes (35%), Tudou views and Gifts (35%), SMS votes (15%) and Laifeng votes (15%) during the live show.  If you’d like to see Crayon Pop win 1st place this episode, read, there are many ways you can support them.  Additionally, if you’re currently located in Seoul, you may choose to attend the live/recorded broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~20:00 KST
Restreams: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (updated as they become available, may be offline)
Visit our chat HERE for information on the latest live streams OR to chat with us during the show.

Other performers include: EXID, CROSS GENE, JJCC ft. Jung Hoon Hee, Shin Zisu, FT Island, Miss A, K. Will, Park Si Hwan, Lovelyz, Kim Yeon Ji, Blady, Laboum, Hyun Sang, MADTOWN, Shin Bora, 24K, and Choix2

Editor’s note: Post will be updated with full video of the performance shortly after broadcast