150414 Crayon Pop filming for monomola CF

On 14 April 2015, Crayon Pop participated in the filming of a monomola CF.
The five girls were youthful, energetic and passionate.

According to staff at the shoot, Crayon Pop began filming early in the morning and were filming for 28 hours straight without sleeping or rest. The staff were impressed by their dedication.


During the filming, Crayon Pop’s Ellin hurt her elbow, resulting in a bruise. She didn’t request for a break, but was worried it would affect the filming process. She got a cosmetician to cover up the bruise, showing her professionalism.


After the wound was treated, she carried on filming, which deserves a round of applause. There was also footage from the filming, to which they sang to Bar Bar Bar’s tune.

Babababa~My lips~
So sexy oh~
So alluring oh~
Get, set, ready go!
My eyes Magic Magic
My skin Q-bouncy Q-bouncy~
Every girl! Beauty Beauty!

Lasts all day, perfect all day oh!
monomola Molicai!
Passion never ends~ !

A top-notch filming crew was employed along with great choreographers.


The guy in the middle is the choreographer for the world-hit “Gangnam Style” and “Little Apple”, and was in charge of monomola’s “Passion never ends” CF choreography.

The filming atmosphere was great, and everyone was serious and professional. The director engaged with the actors to ensure perfection.

Please anticipate the upcoming dance and song that Crayon Pop will release for monomola’s CF!

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