150412 Geummi’s Message on Geumlidang Cafe Translated

Geummi left a message on her personal fancafe, Geumlidang, titled “?chu~~~♡”.

It’s a good morning *^^* Hahaha
I came to the shop from early in the morning
to prepare to go to Inkigayo!

Come to think of it, I think we didn’t even miss a day of music broadcasts this week! :-)
Wow, it was a week where our fans also came running without any rest. ㅜ.ㅜ

Oh ~ Its late but I received the letters and sweets that you prepared on white day >.
When I was away from the group during our activities, one or two at a time the taste was good @.@ Hihihihihi You gave me so many that I’m sharing them KeKe

Does Geummi really not think of anything but our fans~~~^.^??????
I really love and cherish Geumlidang ?

At Inkigayo later I’ll see the people I can see ^^ And for those who are cheering for us through the broadcast, let’s meet in the TV !!!

Have a big breakfast, feel the gentle spring wind as you watch the cherry blossoms, and have a good weekend :-)

Source: Geumlidang Fancafe