150409 Geummi’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Geummi left a message on the official fancafe, titled ‘All of you worked hard^.^+’.

Aigoo~~ I couldn’t resist laughing when I saw the video~~ I’m so thankful to our fans for participating so passionately even when it’s raining^^
As time passes, your acting skills have improved KeKeKeKe
Is dancing our choreography tiring? Did passers-by find it weird?ㅜㅜ ..Hing (It’s.alright.right?)
I’m so thankful and appreciative of you would work so hard for us YongPop. How should I repay all of you?
As this round of activities began, although I always think of it this way, but our fans are really awesome and worthy of respect. This coolness comes from the heart?????????
I felt that sense of confidence>.
I’m thankful that the video was made so nicely and we will do more promotions~~~^^ Quickly have a delicious lunch. Today should also be a blissful day~ Loyalty~~~??

Source: Daum Fancafe