150408 Way’s Instagram Translated

In the teacher’s Facebook post, he wrote

My birthday is 19 Feb, so the children came to celebrate for me on that day
Coincidentally, there was a kid named Jihye who had the same birthday, so we celebrated together
So we received birthday wishes
But based on the lunar calendar, today is my birthday
And I received an awesome present early in the morning of my birthday
SBS’ Morning Wide “ON the Stars with you” segment, Crayon Pop’s Way praised me generously on the program
Actually I didn’t do anything special for her, I’m very thankful for the thoughtful Way
Anyways, for children, we need to let them have every moment of happiness no matter how small, only then can they grow up well
10 years ago, I have the two sisters a little bit of happiness
And they have grown up so much now
Choa and Way really make me proud
This morning my wife was busy preparing to go to work, but still managed to prepare a sumptuous breakfast.
I’m so thankful to my wife, for taking care of me till now
I’m so thankful for the generosity the people I have met through out my life have given me
Today is my 60th birthday, this morning, I’m really happy.
Thank you once again~

#Teacher #HappyBirthday :)

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Way apparently went with Geummi to eat at the jokbal store Geummi ate at for Chrome-In Episode 4.

Today Geummi-unnie bought #OuhyangJokbal♡

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