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Cola is Soyul’s❤️ Thank you very much Impressive #Cocacola #Soyul #Gift

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  • PopjusshiG

    Camouflage track suits, I love it! The haters will have a field day again I’m sure, who cares. Let’s have some fun and save the world. Crayon Pop Fighting!!!!!

  • Mary Sama

    When will be out?? I use google translator for korean ad I understand the 3 of may, it’s true? <3

    • 26 March according to Soyul.

      The MV just says March 2015

      • Sharadou Sketchbook

        26 March please be fast!

    • NeonMoon

      CP Rangers…debuting 2 new songs from their comeback in Texas during SXSW concert..March 20th????

      • Stan Baker

        If they’re coming to the mobile phone capital of the world, I’d keep an eye out on Youtube. Not like I have plans to be there or anything.

  • hoho

    Seems like its gonna be awesome

  • BunnyMECH

    I’m excited! I don’t think this will disappoint, it looks (and sounds) awesome! Go Crayon POP!

  • NeonMoon

    CP Avengers…coming fast n furious!…power unleashed!!!! love their new Logo too…(logo on basketball back board looks too much like Chanel brand logo…should be change?????)

  • I love Crayon Pop precisely for this reason: intelligent boldness.
    The group of five girls walks the opposite direction of K-pop market… with a large resourcefulness.
    Simply amazing!
    Watching the teaser… It made me cry with joy to see that the group doesn’t give in and keeps its original work.
    What more to say? Just this…

  • NeonMoon

    as the twins tell u’s …..GAME OVER!!!

  • BunnyMECH

    I wonder if they will perform the song and wear the new costumes at SXSW?

  • vericon

    So far loving the concept, really happy to see they stuck to their origins and didn’t follow the floor dancing sexy nonsense that most of kpop is doing. I’m actually kind of giddy watching this, they have been gone for too long!

  • GBuster

    Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

  • nikki

    it is only a teaser but i am hooked i can’t stop watching it
    i live it this is awesome i love it can’t wait
    love the outfits everything is amazing
    crayon pop fighting 🙂

  • robertrickett

    MV being released on my B’Day. How cool is that? It was truly all I had on my wish list. This is going to be Epic!!

    • NeonMoon

      HBD…health,wealth n happiness …n lots of Yongpop Rangers…

  • dayana barradas

    finally … yeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhh .

  • Craycraypop

    Can we talk about geummi’a hair for a sec? 😀

    • LlamaLovesEl-Gu

      Yes! Her hair are amazing.This colour is amazing 😀

  • NeonMoon

    So what does “FM” stand for????…..another guessing name contest????.. CP loves playing games…

    • Drakis07

      Maybe FM is for Farting Music lol 😛

      • NeonMoon

        these “farting” jokes are getting old…try Feast Masters….or Fighting Machines…lol

    • Taylor Simon

      FM is a type of radio frequency. There are two types: FM and AM. Typically, music station broadcast using FM.

      • NeonMoon

        That we know…FM/AM…gotta be more than that???

  • Can’t wait! oh my oh my oh my gosh!

  • ”It’s morphin Time!!!”

    • Nice edition, my friend TinPeiLingFan.
      Using Sony Vegas(?) very well!

      Did you see my new video? Nothing special, it’s just a cut for highlights from “Chrome-in”, but more pratical to watch from where our five Rangers obtains their superpower: a lot of food. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • FreeSpeech101

    Video starting looks awesome. Sound not so sure. One thing sure no more bandana. Let them ride motorbike and do stunts. 🙂

  • FreeSpeech101

    Video beginning looks awesome. I hope sound and choreography part do not disappoint. Video beginning created more expectation.

  • NeonMoon

    is that jet packs on their backs?????

    • Capes

      • NeonMoon

        thanks…up up n away…must have filmed MV on Krypton or Mars …looked lifeless…lol

  • sas

    Interesting…the chord changes are the same as ‘Dancing Queen’. What is up with that?