150403 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

With Geum-unnie
I Love you -3- :two_hearts: (Screen was blurry) #StrongGeummi #Geummi #Ellin

Source: Instagram

  • NeonMoon

    Wow…second teaser..that’s epic…Chrome..all in!!!

  • robertrickett

    Second teaser, building excitement. This is going to be an outrageous comeback!!

  • BaldyBlueEyes

    Ellin is wearing the eyeball cap that crayonpop.me sent Geummi last year for her birthday. I knew I recognized it from somewhere.


  • Ai meu coraçâum! ♥

  • NeonMoon

    as the girls are going through daily activities…playing basketball, grocery shopping, at a salon, enjoying a big fat lollipop…then (BOOM!) SOS-mayday callings!! the planet is in danger!!!…they all transform into Yongpop rangers to protect the world from stale KPop music…with job accomplished, the heroines walk off into the sunset, waiting until another call to action…kekeke…gotta have some funny instances to be CP…hahaha…like to see Soyul take down Godzilla…lol..enough of that, gonna order Mini-album CD with free poster…Yeah!!!

  • CP Ranger

    Oh GAWDS! Keep that basketball away from Ellin!!!! 😀