150325 Choa’s message on Chopa fancafe

Choa posted on the Chopa fancafe titled ‘Thank you very muchie>.<‘.

Everyone, today I was surprised by the snacks gifts. Thank you very much..
Sending me my favorite fruits, and Gobu kimbap Hehehehehe >.<
Sunbae-him said he liked the Americano and juice ㅠ-ㅠ
I enjoyed the food well with the other Sunbae-nims ㅠㅠ
Hmmph I was totally touched ㅠㅠ Really such a surprise.. Amazing ㅠㅠ! Really thank you very much
The cheers I received have given me strength Clenching my fist
I will work harder^^
Please come and watch my musical lots!!!
Tomorrow is a very special day for me There’s Crayon Pop’s FM M Countdown comeback
There’s the Last Princess musical press conference~
I’m going to bed early. You’ve all worked hard today too!!! See you tomorrow! I love you Muack Muack

Source: Chopa fancafe