150323 Choa’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Choa left a message titled in English, “Dear. My Fan” on the Daum fancafe

Thanks to our beloved fans..
We could finish today successfully
In the past, there wasn’t a single fan
When there was no one who knew us
Doing our first guerrilla was one of mixed feelings..
Even 1 year after we Crayon Pop came back from desolation
It was still a vacuum-like period that was such a shame
Just like the previous day we did performances as usual. The unchanging steadfast and protective fans, the fans who supported us, and the fans who came from far to support us
Really..Really thank you everyone.!!!
Recently reading the messages fans have given me really has restored my strength allowing me to pick up more strength again
Even if there’s unrest or fear, I still received courage and hope!!! Only our fans can re-ignite my extinguished passion . Yeah, suddenly felt sensitive before going to bed. Wrote up a long piece since I couldn’t sleep Hahahaha Please understand the cheesy Choa^^ Thank you very much I love you♥ With all my heart!!!Goody Nighty~^^(Feelings edition)

Source: Daum Fancafe