150321 Crayon Pop FM Comeback Showcase in Korea

Crayon Pop has successfully completed their first showcase of ‘FM’ at Doota Plaza in Dongdaemun, Korea. Their juniors from Chrome Entertainment also appeared as guests. K-Much performed their two newest songs ‘December 24th’ and ‘On the Hook’. Following that, traditional ballad duo, Zan Zan went on stage to perform ‘Chicken Feet’ and their new song ‘널 부르고 널 그리다’. Finally, newly signed trot singer Heo Minyoung went on stage to perform ‘Vertigo’. A touching biography video of Crayon Pop’s sad rookie history was played before Crayon Pop came on stage to talk about their upcoming comeback. Ellin mentioned that during their 48 hours of filming for their new MV, it was really cold and really crazy!

They proceeded to perform ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and finally for the song we were all waiting for, ‘FM’.

Fancams will be updated below as they get released.

Despite a tight schedule, they came back for an encore with ‘FM’ again due to popular demand. They will be holding guerrilla performances tomorrow (22 March 2015) at the following locations and timing.
Myeongdong (across the road from Young Plaza): 13:00am
COEX Dong Mung Square (동문광장): 15:30pm
Hongdae Eoulmadang-ro-gil (어울림마당로길): 18:00pm

Check out a recording of the livestream (they appear on stage at the 48:34 mark).