150320 Crayon Pop’s Performance at SXSW

Crayon Pop performed at K-pop Night Out at SXSW in Texas, USA. They performed ‘Uh-ee’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘FM’, and Bar Bar Bar’. The venue was packed with a line about 200 people long outside waiting to get in, unlike the past two years’ K-pop Night Out, where the venue was not filled. This is likely due to the unique guerrilla walk around Crayon Pop did that attracted a lot of attention.

According to reports on the ground, there were many Crayon Pop fans who fan-chanted for all their older songs.

Check out the fancams below! A fan account by CP Ranger can be read at the EntAsia forums.

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Netizens’ Comments
1. Crayon Pop is back and WILL save K-Pop!

2. Boring…if they are going to keep going with this gimmicky choreo/styling the song could at least be interesting.

3. My god…this might be the catchiest tune I have ever had the pleasure of hearing..

4. My is life is better for Crayon Pop!!!!

5. Soyul is back to Rap yo!!!

Source: DKpopNews