150319 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Texas BBQ House!

Source: Instagram

  • NeonMoon

    talking about cutting it real tight…

  • h4iumb1

    Wow, that´s a busy day.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Maybe they’re betting on beating the jet lag…the SXSW show is at night, they’ll dash in and dash out, and be back on Korea time before their bodies have time to adjust.

  • apieth

    Tight schedule

  • GBuster

    They are going to be tired and cranky. But being the professionals they are, the girls wont show it.

  • fm

    A true test of their superpowers. Damn.

  • NeonMoon

    Long flight..catch all the zzzz’s on the plane…with indications the FM teaser is going viral on facebook…they can look forward to a smash hit…Chrome should launch another teaser to pique more interest while they r away…Carpe Diem!!!!

  • apieth

    Guerilla.. And i can’t watch it again T_T

  • touchthesky

    Will the whole album be available for download on 27 March, or just “FM”?

    • Most likely the whole album, however iTunes or other foreign music services usually lag behind Korean music sites by a day or two.

  • Wow!!! I hope they aren’t too tired.

  • apieth

    Showcase after sxsw then 3 guerilla for the next day
    Crayon Pop is alive ƪ(ˇ▼ˇ)¬

  • dayana barradas

    they r awesome, they are working so hard , and will be working so hard even more with this… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SOOOOO COOOOL. WE LOVE YOU

  • NeonMoon

    Yongpop avengers…the ultimate warriors…ramping up for all kills!!!…STiger made a smart move…delaying his girls EXID comeback later into April…

  • robertrickett

    Still the hardest working group in Kpop

  • Tom Sellers

    Just watched SXSW vid of FM. Reviews very positive from American posts. Thank you Crayon Pop for taking the risk of delay over quality. From Atlanta, Georgia, to Seoul, S. Korea, wishing you much success and please remain friends through your lives.

  • Frothy

    Rest up Rangers !